The damn project helps mappers by dividing some big area into smaller squares that a human can map.

Try to map some squares or manage areas.

If you are advanced mapper, check out the damn JOSM plugin or the panel for iD. If you prefer manual square lock workflow, use the mappy client.

You may use RSS to keep track of the areas changes, and python scripts for checking abandoned/intersecting areas.




Code of conduct

The community drives the damn project

The community discusses all the damn things. The community makes damn decisions. The community encourages creating new clients of all kinds.

Become a good community member

Discuss. Try to be empathetic, respectful, patient. Try to discuss without emotions.

Learn to be efficient

Distinguish if you are talking about what, why, or how.

How is discussed only after what is agreed.

If you present what, be prepared to explain why in different points of view tirelessly.

If you discuss what because you agree/disagree with it, try hard to understand why and provide constructive feedback.

Help others

Because it is nice, and it increases efficiency.


The damn architecture

Keep mapping!